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    Keto Meal Plan

    My 4 Day Keto Meal Plan

    What is happening guys and welcome back to the fit men cook kitchen so I’m really excited about today’s content because we do another amazing keto meal plan prep content with a special catch so I do know that each one are emailing me and tweeting me posing for more ketocaines.

    So today we’ll be making a fast and straightforward for day keto hotel plan now for those of all who aren’t conversant in keto I would like to ask you to see out my eight-week keto transformation that I did last year and every one know just from watching that content that her brother got some amazing results and that.

    I know that you simply simply simply will too so thereupon in mind I also wanted to only go a touch bit one step further with this content it is also getting to be available inside the keto meal plan preppers app that permits you to customize it for your dietary needs for you and your partners so if you would like this four day hotel plan that you’ll customize for you and your household then you’ll go and download.

    The new prep Pro app immediately if you’re able to roll up your sleeves and obtain your hands a touch dirty then let’s start first up we’ll make any cheesy cloud biscuits with salmon and cheese set the oven to 350 into a bowl at almond flour cheddar leaven and cayenne stir it up and make a well within the center of the Bowland crack the eggs inside then mix everything together add a touch cream and blend to make a dry dough people had a mixture before my patty on a baking sheet place.

    Best Keto ingredients

    It within the oven for 18 to twenty minutes then allow them to chill on wire rack now you’ll add these to your keto meal plan prep container otherwise you can build the sandwich to enjoy directly slice it opened cheese mixed green salmon and a squeeze of lemon oh yeah next up we’re making chocolate and spread balls with shredded coconut because.

    We’re fancy like that at spread cacao stevia vanilla copra oil chia seeds and almond flour mix it all up line alittle tray with parchment paper and pour within the mix freeze for 20 minutes then we’re getting to cut it into chunks supported your required portion size and therefore the number of days.

    Keto Meal Plan

    You’re prepping for once you’ve done that then coat the bites with unsweetened shredded coconut store these within the fridge until you’re able to eat next we’ll make an additional crispy sesame chicken thighs set your oven to 400 then to a bowl we’re getting to add sesame seeds almond flour sea salt and pepper mix it up then set the bowl aside to a separate Bowl we’re getting to crack an egg add cream and whisk together dip the chicken thigh.

    Within the egg mixture followed by the sesame seeds place the thighs on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper and bake for half-hour or until it’s cooked through steam some broccoli florets then add the chicken and broccoli to keto meal plan prep containers and garnish with red bell pepper and onion if desired mix together vegetable oil and soy then drizzle on top serve it up and luxuriate in.

    Keto Meal Plan

    It with fresh lime and eventually we’re making an almost Phyllites steak and roasted bell peppers set the oven at 350 then cut the highest off the bell peppers and take away the insides place on a baking tray and spray with vegetable oil roast within the oven for 10 minutes set a nonstick skillet on medium.

    Heat then add vegetable oil and onion cook until the onions turn brown and translucent then we’re getting to add in additional oil your chop steak mushrooms and oregano cook until the steak is completed about 8 to 10 minutes now let’s build the cheesesteak at a touch steak and mushroom cheese more steak then jalapenos for a few heat top.

    It all off with provolone place under the broiler for five minutes to brown and melt the cheese serve with a mix garden salad alright guys that ‘sit you bought four keto meal plans in four days now you can find the link to download these amazing recipes under this content and hey if you wish this content then make certain you smash that like button too now if you’re able to take things to subsequent level and.

    You want a replacement weekly hotel plan a bit like the one delivered to you in the week then confirm that you give the keto meal plan prep pro app a try the app creates a tailored keto hotel plan that’s customized to you and your goals keto meal plan prep pro is free ninety nine to download and comes with a seven day free trial until next time guys remember to stay it healthy but in fact never ever boring OH.

    Keto Meal Plan


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