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    Keto Bread

    How to Make Keto Keto bread?

    What’s going on everybody Tom here with black speedo and welcome to another recipe content just for you my beautiful public out there and if you’re not as forever yet please consider doing so now first of all I just want to stop this website by saying I hope all of you are staying healthy and safe during this weird coronavirus time and let’s kind of lighten the mood a little bit by making a delicious keto keto bread now I know I promise that’s how that’s done a couple days ago but it took me a few extra days to really perfect it and thankfully right now we have something that I absolutely love.

    So this keto bread is very little carb fairly high fat and very easy to make with no special equipment no keto bread pan nothing but we’ll get into all of that later so that sounds good to you guys hang on tight and let’s get right into the recipe. All right everybody welcome to the recipe for this delicious keto bread and I laid out in front of me here I have all of our dry ingredients and I want to try something with content so let me know if you guys like this style or not in the comment section as I go through these ingredients I want to go through and explain to you.

    Why I chose what I chose and the things that I have tried because I get a ton of comments asking about like variations of the recipe or you know have you tried using this things like that um and I want to give you guys a good baseline for the things that I’ve already tried so that it can kind of help with your experiments in the future if you don’t like a style kind of let me know in the comment section that way I know that you know it’s not something you like but we never know till we try right so let’s get right into this now right here I have 1 cup of almond flour now the most common question is going to be well.

    Why can’t I use coconut flour um coconut flour absorbs a lot of liquid so the problem you’re going to run into is that you need to add a lot of fat otherwise it’s going to taste dry and since you’re going to use a lot of it you have to add even more fat and basically your keto bread ends up tasting like olive oil coconut oil whatever fat you used and that just was kind of unpleasant so we had to settle with an almond flour base next up we have 1/3 cup of coconut flour now.

    Keto Keto bread Recipe!

    If you use pure almond flour what ends up happening is the keto bread feels gritty because there’s nothing that’s got that really fine grain to kind of mush it all together um that’s where the coconut flour comes in it’s a lot finer grain and it kind of helps things feel more consistent whereas the almond flour is a little bit more grainy then we’ve got 2 tablespoons of psyllium husk powder guys I actually really hate slim husk powder the flavor of it I used to actually love it and then I tried to drink it straight one time as like a fiber supplement and ever since then I can’t stand the flavor.

    Keto Bread

    So don’t worry about too much of that what this does is it gives the keto bread kind of that soft kind of keto bready texture but you will see recipes that use like 1/3 cup of it or whatever that’s insane to me I wouldn’t be able to eat that it just doesn’t taste right so we’re actually only doing two tablespoons here we have 1/4 cup of ground flax seed I’m using golden flax seed much like the psyllium husk I used to actually be able to tolerate the regular flax seed but once I found golden.

    I never went back to regular flax it just doesn’t taste the same to me so best taste use golden flax seeds then we’ve got 1 teaspoon of cream of tartar one teaspoon of baking soda 1 teaspoon of active dry yeast I’ve tried using nutritional yeast it’s okay but I went back to the regular yeast because the flavor is better guys this actually doesn’t do anything but add flavor so you just want to leave this out all together and you don’t mind the flavor of almond and coconut flour mixture that’s cool too and lastly.

    I have half a teaspoon of salt now this is all super easy guys just going to dump it in this bowl and a whisk it to beat any of the clumps out so we’re going with our almond flour first coconut flour psyllium husk powder flax seed our cream of tartar our baking soda salt and then the yeast so I’m going to get all this mixed in together right here and then I’ll catch up with you guys as soon as I reset the area here with all of our wet ingredients and show you all the wet ingredients going into this alright everybody.

    We’ve reset and just kind of set our dry ingredients aside here got a small bowl and all of our wet ingredients so right here I’ve got 1 cup of water 1 teaspoon of olive oil I find that this adds just a little bit of fat to the dish and kind of helps us acrost a little bit we’ve got 3 egg whites and one whole egg now I tried to use whole eggs originally because I kind of hate toss in the yolk it just feels wasteful to me as it turns out the yolk makes the keto bread feel kind of dummy so going with the mix of egg whites and egg and whole egg is like the way to go with.

    No Keto bread Pan Required

    This I tried to formulate it with whole eggs but it’s kind of the way I end up having to do this and then lastly we have 1 tablespoon of either lemon juice or apple cider vinegar I try to use lemon juice at first I liked it but when I switched over to apple cider vinegar I feel like it had less of a flavor on the finished product so that’s what I’m going with here but if you don’t have that lemon juice will work and all we’re going to do here is going to add all these ingredients to our wet ingredients and whisk now as a note here this water is warm but not boiling.

    You don’t want hot water just a little bit of warmth because it helps with the kind of mixing of the flaxseed and now we’re just going to give this thing a quick whisking to combine all the ingredients now we’re going to pull our dry ingredients back in here and pour our wet directly in as it dries now watch this very carefully because kind of a cool reaction happens here the coconut flour sucks up a lot of the moisture and also at the same time the baking soda activates from the cream of tartar and the apple cider vinegar that.

    Keto Diet

    I put in here so you’ll end up with this what looks like a liquid and then seconds later it turns in this huge pile of dough it’s actually a really cool thing to watch so keep an eye out for it so this is what our keto bread dough looks like now I’m going to get a baking sheet lined with parchment paper and catch up with you guys in just a second all right guys we’re just going to actually create a pile of dough in the center of this parchment paper now um I did get some suggestions in the vlog that I made where I was kind of showing you guys my process for inventing this keto bread some people had suggested that.

    I use a keto bread pan and I actually did try that and I tried it again after I read all the suggestions and what end up happening is I would have needed a specialty keto bread pan because I don’t want to make a ton of dough of keto bread here I want this to be kind of like single-serving is or you know a couple people could eat it I don’t want you guys left with a loaf that’s using like three cups of almond flour and it just becomes an asinine amount umm so also I just didn’t want you guys have to buy special equipment so what we’re doing here is we’re actually going to form a loaf onto this parsing paper lined baking sheet because.

    I think that something that everybody has without having to buy any specialty equipment now when the term comes to forming the low the higher you go the taller the keto bread will be it will rise a little bit and it will also spread out a little bit but it’s not going to rise like super tall so for my purposes I’m going to be using this to make kind of sandwiches and stuff like that so I’m actually going to form the dough and it’s kind of a taller tombstone shape this way we can get the height you want on the keto bread without using a lot of ingredient um so that kind of keeps it nice for you smaller households kind of like I live in now as a note if you wanted to make like a baguette or something.

    How to take Keto Bread?

    you can just pull the dough and kind of like a long form and it does great there as well also if you want to score it to make it look pretty here just take a knife and cut some scores in it it’s not really necessary since there’s no skin on here but it does make it look cool all right everybody here is the dough that’s going to be going into my oven and kind of get a close-up on this for you guys like I said it’s kind of this weird tombstone shape don’t worry about the little cracks on the top they will fill in as it rises now.

    This is going to go into a 350 degree Fahrenheit oven for between 75 and 80 minutes it’s going to rise quite a bit you’re going to get a nice golden-brown crust and then once we’re done there we’re going to want to let it cool completely before we cut it so what I’m going to do is on the Papas in the oven show you guys the finished product right now and then I’ll catch up with you for the taste test all right everybody now you’ve seen the recipe it is time for the taste test now real quick.

    I have a slice of my keto bread right here know of this loaf at least the size that I made I’ll end up with about 6 to 8 sandwich slices and then the heels which I usually just turn into garlic keto bread but for the purpose of our taste test we’re just going to be tasting a slice of keto bread now I’m going to step into the camera quick and just show you guys the texture all right guys voice over time because I was standing right under the microphone and the audio was terrible so just want to show you a close-up here of the keto bread so you can see the texture there’s a nice golden-brown crust um as a note I like a firmer crust but if you want to soften the cross just put.

    it in a Ziplock bag as it cools so that it steams the crust let’s tear it so you can see the texture but now that we know what looks like red let’s make sure that it tastes like red so here we go with the taste test so a couple things first of all it does it taste perfectly like a wheat keto bread No and nothing is ever going to but what this keto bread has this has a nice yeasty flavor in it and the texture is right so for me it is the perfect keto keto bread you know.


    I’m not too worried about any of those nasty ingredients and those modified wheat starches and whatever this is made with just ingredients that most of us already have are under house we’ve got a keto bread that has a very good keto bread texture and it tastes mostly of east you’ll never get that wheat flavor in there but you can actually really kind of trick your brain by using some yeast to make it kind of taste more ready and that is exactly what we did here so overall like I really love the taste of this stuff when I make sandwiches.

    I’ve made it – grilled cheese I make garlic keto bread it seems to hold up well to a variety of use cases and since you’re kind of making this without a keto bread pen you can make really any shape that you want you want to make a baguette go for it you want to make like a submarine roll cool you want to make burger buns just split it into like four chunks it all works so I’m really happy with this recipe and I think you guys are absolutely going to love it.

    Keto Bread


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